The H-ATLAS lensed galaxies sample
Below you can find the list of candidate lensed galaxies with F500μm≥100 mJy extracted from the H-ATLAS fields. For each source the following information is provided:
  Herschel/SPIRE flux density at 250μm, 350μm and 500μm (from Negrello et al. 2017)
  SCUBA-2 flux density at 850μm (from Bakx et al. 2018)
  SMA flux density at 870μm (from Bussmann et al. 2013 and Enia et al. 2018)
  Redshift of the SPIRE source (when no spectroscopic measurement is available, the photometric redshift is provided instead)
  Lensing rank:
–  A = confirmed to be lensed: based on the detection of multiple images or arcs with HST/Keck/SMA and/or the availability of spectroscopic redshifts for both the lens and the background galaxy, indicating the presence of two distinct objects along the line of sight.
–  B = likely to be lensed based on the difference in redshift between the optical/near-IR counterpart and the sub-mm detection, although at least one of the two redshifts is photometric.
–  C = unclear, because of the lack of a reliable optical/near-IR counterpart, which may indicate either that the lens is particularly faint and/or lying at z > 1, or that the sub-mm source is an unlensed Hyper Luminous Infra-Red Galaxy (HyLIRG) or a cluster of HyLIRGs.
–  D = not (strongly) lensed
Scroll left/right to see all the columns in the table. The table can be exported using the black buttons located at the top right corner. Before exporting, the table can be reordered according to increasing/decreasing values of flux density or to the lensing rank by clicking on the header of the corresponding column.